The practical side of drumming is very important to the IDA so while the course offers the best tuition in beats, fills, and rudiments, studied and distilled from the worlds best books and courses, its important that the application of these skills is done through SONG LEARNING.

Examples of bands studied are too numerous to mention but you can be assure whatever style interests you there will be plenty of songs in that genre.

A broad MUSIC APPRECIATION is encouraged by studying a variety of musical styles and the evolution of drumming through the decades. Everything from hip-hop to metal, reggae to pop, jazz to grunge, motown to drum n bass, rock n roll to country, math rock, indie, funk, etc. We study drummers like John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Clyde Stubblefield, Buddy Rich, Danny Carey, Stewart Copeland, Chad Smith, Travis Barker, and Questlove.

Every time a certain amount of skill is attained on the drumkit, each student gets a free cd compilation of great songs and 'music -one' to play along and practice with at that appropriate level. The scores of these tracks are mostly provided but some tracks are used for EAR TRAINING, also, to encourage the aspiring drummer to try to learn the patterns by ear.

RECORDING facilities are provided as it is important also to get ready for the pressures and challenges of the studio. Part of the studio and live preparation is the tuning and maintenance of drums and working with a click or a sequence.

Our attitude towards THEORY/READING MUSIC is relaxed but it is really easy to learn as it provides 'a picture' of each beat or fill and we add this gradually to our knowledge as we go through the course. It is important if playing music to be able to speak the music language or lingo with other musicians and producers and to be able to pick up any drum book and enjoy it properly. Also, if you intend on a long term career in drumming , you must be able to read to become first choice for television, commercial, musical and stage work.

The I.D.A. course is designed in a BUILDING BLOCK STYLE, and like the accompanying book and CD, will start at each individuals ability and needs. Naturally, as the course goes on it gets more technically challenging, but there is always time to slow down and indulge in and enjoy any area of drumming.

The 3 GRADE SYSTEM (beginners, intermediate and advanced) design of the IDA certificate course is similar to the 8 grade guildhall system except a little more practical,and a little bit more 'rock n roll'. Therefore each I.D.A grade is the equivalent to about 3 standard music grades. Certificates are awarded to each student who successfully finishes each grade and completing the advanced course qualifies you in every area of professional drumming.

Many people learn drums 'JUST FOR FUN' which is fine and that will work within the course. There is no pressure to attain the certificates awarded at the end of each grade but most people like to rise to the challange.

Its good to know that you can now pick up points on your school exams by taking drums in Music. Anybody interested in getting help with preparation in their GROUP/LEAVING CERT. MUSIC EXAMS can have a special prep set of lessons for this purpose.

There are many drum tutors available in ireland, and its sometimes a good idea to try different courses to broaden your learning, but please try to get lessons from someone with plenty of EXPERIENCE in the industry and with great professional facilities and REPUTATION, such as what we pride ourselves in providing.